Service Times

Sunday  Morning ( Nursery Provided )
Sunday School – 9:30 a.m.
Morning Praise & Worship – 10:30 a.m.

Sunday  Evening ( Nursery Provided )
Intercessory Prayer – 5:00 p.m.
Evening Praise & Worship – 6:00 p.m.

Wednesday  Evening 
Evening Service – 7:30 p.m.
Youth Service – 7:30 p.m.
KIDS for Christ – 7:30 p.m.

Thursday Prayer
Prayer Service – Noon

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Lighthouse Christian Center

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In Southeast Oklahoma, on Lake Eufaula, stands a Lighthouse to a dark and dying world. This Lighthouse is built on a solid Rock, and it has stood the test of time for over 30 years.

Lighthouse Christian Center began as Bethel Temple in 1963 under the leadership of Pastor Lester Alexander. Bethel Temple was pioneered with a vision of reaching the lost in a dark and dying world. Pastor Alexander always held true to the mission that God had given the church. Under his leadership the church excelled as Eufaula’s finest Holy Ghost filled, non- denominational, Bible believing church.

Alexander made sure that the primary goal of the church was to reach out to all who were lost. And as a result Bethel Temple began to grow in all areas of the church. God was always faithful and the church never failed to be successful wherever God would lead. And for twelve wonderful years, Pastor Alexander was a true shepherd to the people of Bethel Temple.

However, in 1975 Pastor Alexander began to hear God’s voice leading the church to a new era. God had prepared a 22 year old, fire baptized, tongue talking, devil chasing, preacher from Ypsilanti, Michigan to carry on the vision of Lighthouse that God had given to Pastor Lester Alexander.

Pastor John Parish made Eufaula his home in 1975, along with his wife Rhea, and the two of them knew right from the start that this was were God wanted them. Although the name of the church would change to Lighthouse Cathedral, the same vision still held true to this wonderful congregation. God had truly lead them to Eufaula for such a time as this. And the timing of their arrival was orchestrated be the hand of God. You see only one year after passing the torch to Brother Parish, God called Senior Pastor Alexander to his eternal home in heaven. God had prepared the church for Pastor Alexander’s promotion and the responsibility of leadership now rested on Pastor Parish.

However, Pastor Parish was not alone in carrying the burden of the congregation. And that is why Rhea would play such a vital role in the church. Rhea is the niece of Pastor Alexander and her parents, Eunice and Estle Burns, were some of the true forefathers of Lighthouse Christian Center.

Lighthouse and the city of Eufaula would not be what they are today had it not been for Eunice and Estle. Under their influence Lighthouse emerged as the standard for excellence in Southeastern Oklahoma.

Eunice, the Sister of Pastor Alexander, and Estle raised four children who live their lives as Holy and God fearing individuals in the service of an Almighty God. Eunice lived as a true woman of wisdom and purity. Her love and acceptance for all won the respect for the thousands of lives that she touched over the years. And Estle possessed a heart of gold that would never cease to help anyone in need. All who new Eunice and Estle carried the highest honor for their lives.

However, they too would cross over into Glory land and find their eternal reward. Estle went to be with Jesus in 1977, and Eunice would find Heaven some two years later. She experienced heaven in 1979, but the Lord sent her back to this earth for three more years of service before she made Heaven her permanent home in 1982. The treasures that these two laid up in heaven could never be numbered.

Just before Eunice passed on the congregation grew to be more than the church building could hold. Thus, God began to speak to Pastor Parish about building a new church on the crossroads of two highways intersecting in Eufaula. The property was purchased by a miracle of God, the new church and sanctuary were built, and on May 31st, 1981, Lighthouse Christian Center was born.

Today, Lighthouse Christian Center stands appropriately on Eunice Burns Drive at the intersection of Highways 9 and 69 in Eufaula, and the vision remains unchanged after some 33 years.

Pastor Parish has brought Lighthouse to the forefront of Christian ministry. He possesses a powerful anointing and years of training in a pastor’s home. Pastor Parish places great emphasis on the anointing of the Holy Ghost, the Biblical demands of holiness and possesses an extraordinary understanding of Bible prophecy. And Sister Parish carries a psalmist anointing as she directs and coordinates the Lighthouse Sanctuary Choir.

Pastor Parish ministers in campmeetings, conferences, and local churches across the nation. He was ordained to the ministry in 1974 and holds an Associate of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Ministry.

Under his leadership Lighthouse Christian Center has become active in many areas of outreach:

  • Lighthouse now publishes a periodical newsletter, Maranatha Messenger.  With a mailing list of almost 3000 people many lives are changed by the inspired Word of God as a result of every newsletter.
  • The End-Time Revival Message is a 15 minute daily radio broadcast featuring the sermons of Pastor John Parish.
  • The church supports foreign missions on a monthly basis and puts great emphasis on reaching the lost all over the world.
  • Under the direction of Sister Parish, The Lighthouse Sanctuary Choir minister’s in song every Sunday and often travel’s with Pastor Parish to churches in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas.
  • Lighthouse possesses an active youth group that is full of the Holy Ghost and fire. Youth Services are held on Wednesday night and God never ceases to touch lives with His power in every service.
  • Children’s outreach is a vital part of the Lighthouse. The children’s church meet’s on Sunday morning and the children’s choir often ministers on Sunday nights.
  • Lighthouse is active in Christian media and drama. The Lighthouse Sanctuary Choir presents a special Christmas cantata every year that draws crowds from Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas.
  • The newly renovated Lighthouse Ministry Resource Center provides believers with anointed preaching, music, and reference materials.

And these are just a few of the outreach programs that LCC offers. We encourage you to visit Lighthouse and experience a church that is built on a firm foundation in an unstable world.

Over the past 33 years Lighthouse has truly moved to the cutting edge of ministry. And Lighthouse will always be a shining light on Lake Eufaula as we continue to be a harbor of hope for a dying world.